The Future of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is the newest frontier attempting to break out into the mainstream. Sure, headphones have long been commonplace, but the Bluetooth ear-piece was met with scorn, people think Google Glass is a joke, many are skeptical about the Apple iWatch, and cell phone holsters are super dorky. So is there anything out there that’s both practical, fashionable, and comfortable?

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Best Degrees in Technology

IT Degrees

There is no shortage of technology degrees. In fact, technology degrees are some of the most popular pursued today. Why? Because technology is always evolving, creating new and exciting career opportunities for skilled professionals. If you’re interested in computers and all the wonders of the digital age, you might want to keep reading.

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Top Career Paths in Computer and Information Technology

Since the advent of the affordable computer system, businesses have adopted this method of record keeping and communication across the globe. With that adaptation came jobs for individuals who understood the languages, the hardware, and the software that makes a computer function properly. The following top career paths in computer and information technology (IT) provide information about those careers and the education required to meet employment standards. Note that many jobs require bachelor’s degrees, and some careers require a master’s degree and even a PhD. However, you can begin a career soon with an associate’s degree and certification. Online learning makes it easy to continue your education throughout your life and to advance in any computer or IT career and make more money.

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