The term Information Technology can apply to everything from massive server farms to the web browser on your laptop, and having knowledge of that entire scope is a great way to secure employment in the role of an IT professional. Information technology is growing to be an integral part of every industry, from higher education to health care, and with that growth has come a commensurate increase in demand for information technology (IT) experts. As the collection of data has become easier, it’s management has become more of a challenge, and database management software and hardware has become a giant industry in its own right. System administrators, database experts, and anyone who knows how to put together a secure network of computers are in high demand at universities, hospitals, logistics companies, retailers, and any other type of business that can earn money by better managing and understanding their data.

These sites are great places to get the inside story on IT, system administration, database management, and the general information technology that now pervades our world.

General IT

These sites and blogs run the gamut from university IT departments to personal blogs on SQL databases.

  1. Koenig Solutions Blog

    Koenig Solutions Blog

    Koenig Solutions started a blog to have an outlet for communicating and touching base with members of the tech community. The posts cover a wide area in the IT community and provides helpful advice.

    Techie TipWhat’s Next for System Administrators – Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration

  2. Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc Automation Blog

    Advanced Systems Concepts

    Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.’s Automation Blog helps facilitate a forum for discussing pressing issues to the IT Automation community by engaging with IT professionals and customers, along with vendors and industry analysts.

    Techie TipIT Automation Consolidation: Gartner Retires the Workload Automation

  3. Jack Cola

    Jack Cola

    Jack Cola is a site for tech geeks to come and explore interesting posts on cool easter eggs and secrets to different web apps and programs, along with reviews and a directory.

    Techie TipMy Thoughts On Windows 8 After Using The Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook Convertible

  4. Digital Inspiration

    Labnol Digital Inspiration

    Labnol aims to maximize the advantages of software tools, along with web technologies, so that users can be more productive, as well as assisting them to more efficiently complete projects.

    Techie TipUpload your Photos to YouTube and Publish as a Video Slideshow

  5. Working with Windows

    Working with Windows

    Working with Windows chronicles day-to-day activities of an experienced network engineer. He gives technical support, configures software, and provides tips on different software.

    Techie TipWhat is the Default Location for Microsoft Office Templates?

  6. Yellow Bricks

    Yellow Bricks com

    Yellow is focused primarily on virtualization and VMware. The posts touch on API’s, along with server and storage issues.

    Techie TipVMFS Deepdive Paper

  7. UW Bothell Learning Technologies Blog

    UW Bothell

    University of Washington-Bothell Learning Technologies Blog works with faculty and students to improve the integration of technology for the purpose of enhancing student learning. They also work with faculty to improve instructional technology.

    Techie TipHow Different Students Adapt to Online Learning

  8. NSpired2


    NSpired2 is a University of Notre Dame blog that discusses the many emerging ways of integrating networked technology with education, from mobile collaboration tools to online education portals.

    Techie TipGoogle Drive can Host a Web Page

  9. Wahl Network

    Wahl Network

    The Wahl Network is run by Chicago-based Chris Wahl, who is deeply rooted in virtualization and programming. The posts go over a range of VMware-related topics, as well as servers and the virtualization of them.

    Techie TipLeveraging Traffic Shaping to Control Multi-NIC vMotion Bandwidth

  10. Computing Education Blog

    Computing Education Blogf

    Computing Education Blog aims to educate people to understand computing and its facilitation in the context of education. The blog is run by a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Techie TipOur Problem in CS Ed is Too Much Utility

  11. Eric D. Brown

    ERic D Brown

    Eric D Brown is a consultant whose blog discusses information technology, marketing, and the convex of the two. Additionally, he contributes to discussions on technology, social networks, and even reviews literature.

    Techie TipContext and Data

  12. Association of IT Professionals

    Association of Information Technology Professionals

    Association of IT Professionals is the official network for information technology professionals to pursue the advancement of their careers and additionally provides educational resources.

    Techie TipMembership Application

  13. Rick Blaisdell

    Rickscloud Rick Blaisdell's Blog

    Rick Blaisdell’s blog covers a range of areas from cloud computing, virtualization, and software development, to strategic planning, project management, and business strategy. The posts typically deal with how these areas connect with information technology.

    Techie TipCloud Computing

  14. IBM developer Works

    IBM Developer Works

    IMB Developer Works is a web-based technical resource that helps IT professionals worldwide. The idea is to better equip businesses with the people, as well as the tools to educate them, to handle advanced technologies.

    Techie TipInformation Management

  15. BloggingTips

    Blogging Tips com

    Dense with content and helpful advice for successful blogs, BloggingTips makes starting and maintaining a well-polished blog much easier. The site has guest bloggers and interviews with others who run successful blogs.

    Techie TipBlogging: A How-To Guide

  16. TrainSignal

    Trainsignal Blog

    Train Signal works on training IT professionals through intensive classes that provide extensive knowledge into whatever given subject is at hand. The approach is much more hands-on while simultaneously retaining practicality.

    Techie TipBrowse Courses

  17. ITKnowledgeExchange

    IT Knowledge Exchange

    ITKnowledge Exchange is a collaborative forum for IT professionals to ask questions with hard-to-find answers. Users can utilize their database of over 100,000 questions and answers to further research subjects of interest.

    Techie TipAsk A Question

  18. QArea IT Blog

    IT Blog Qarea

    QArea IT Blog discusses software development and IT outsourcing through posts that touch on the issues directly and indirectly through posts on Java, Web Design, Cloud Computing, and Custom Application Development.

    Techie TipDesign and Evolution: The New and What it Means For Your Business

  19. Rutger’s OIRT Blog

    Rutgers office of Instructional and research technology

    Rutger’s Office of Instructional and Research Technology equips users with a variety of tools to increase the effectiveness of their teaching and research goals.

    Techie TipInstructional Support

  20. American Sentinel University’s Information Technology Blog

    American Sentinel University

    American Sentinel University’s Information Technology Blog provides career guidance, along with industry news, and tips for IT and computer science fields.

    Techie TipTraits You Need to Get Ahead in IT

  21. West Virginia University Tech Blog

    West Virginia University Office of Information Technology

    West Virginia University’s Office of Information Technology Blog provides posts featuring content aimed at engaging students and non-students alike who are eager to gain knowledge. The posts are mostly education-based or at a cross section between education and technology.

    Techie Tip10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

  22. CenterNetworks

    CenterNetworks is focused on “new” internet and provides news, reviews, coverage of conferences, along with interviews. They focus on a number of technology information topics, like web 2.0 and social media.

    Techie TipSterkly Unveils 2013 Event Calendar

  23. Puppet Labs

    PuppetLabs com

    Puppet Labs designs IT automation software and increases the efficiency and speed of cloud computing. It powers thousands of large companies and is renowned for cloud computing technologies.

    Techie TipModule of the Week: Riverbed/Stingray – Installs and Configures the Stingray Traffic Manager

  24. CIO Connect Ltd

    CIO Connect

    CIO Connect Ltd was established in 1996 to facilitate discussions and debates, as well as form bonds and contacts to enable CIO’s to grow in the most beneficial way possible.

    Techie TipOur Services

  25. Toolbox

    Toolbox com

    Toolbox connects numerous online communities and enables them to access a professional-caliber knowledge database complete with networking tools, blogs, and a company research directory.

    Techie TipNews

  26. Pavan DBA’s Blog

    PavanDBA blog

    Pavan DBA’s Blog helps guide users to quality information on DBA-related issues, like Oracle DBA, APPS DBA, as well as RAC Training. He gives other tips on database issues and provides a section for important docs and recommended books.

    Techie TipHow RMAN Take Backup?

  27. Kevin Corbett’s Blog

    Kevin Corbett com

    In the introduction to Kevin Corbett’s Blog, he professes his love for technology and it shows in the posts on the site. Touching on personal computing, social media, and a very expressed interest in online learning, the blog provides plenty of information and resources for becoming better educated on technology.

    Techie TipInteractive Online Learning Produces Learning Outcomes on Par with Traditional

  28. Information Week Blog

    Information Week

    Information Week covers software, security issues, cloud computing, Big Data, and focuses on the Windows operating system. The site is dense with content and provides links to news, commentaries, videos, and slideshows.

    Techie TipSocial Business

  29. INTEROP Blog

    Interop Blog Building IT Innovation

    INTEROP is a conference designed for IT professionals to advance not only their careers, but their companies through intelligent decisions for their businesses. The blog looks at different issues in the IT industry and elaborates further on each.

    Techie TipConfessions of a Frustrated, Overworked System Administrator

  30. Peter Kretzman

    Peter Kretzman

    Peter Kretzman has been working in the IT industry for over 25 years and runs this blog to share his thoughts on product development and increasing the efficiency of applications. The blog focuses on highlighting pragmatic tips for improving IT management.

    Techie TipNovels of IT: The Phoenix Project

  31. IT Pro

    ITPro co uk

    IT Pro is a news site that reviews hardware and software and delves into providing specialized topical information on security, mobile, cloud, networking, and even public sector work.

    Techie TipSecurity

  32. Tiptop IT

    TipTop IT

    Tiptop IT is composed of a team of specialists whose aim is to provide exemplary IT solutions for business-level clients.

    Techie TipIT Support and Solutions

  33. Mick’s IT Blogs

    Micks IT Blog

    Mick’s IT Blogs is a site that gives IT advice and tips, but also includes step-by-step tips for solving problems and writing scripts.

    Techie TipPowershell: Installation Script Functions

  34. University Business

    University Business

    The University Business blog is a collection of resources written by professionals in the technology and business industries. Their articles specifically pertain to how business and IT are important in a university setting.

    Techie TipIs Your Institution on Instagram?

  35. Jeff Selingo’s Blog

    Jef Selingo

    Jeff Selingo is an author and speaker who focuses on the current state of higher education. His experience as a reporter and writer allows him to understand how technology will play a role in college education in the future.

    Techie TipWanted at Work: Take More Risks in College

  36. Storage Community

    The Storage Community

    The Storage Community is a forum environment that encourages discussion between IT professionals on any IT storage challenge. Some conversations posted include cloud storage, data privacy, and infrastructure.

    Techie Tip”Big Enough” Data

  37. Complete IT Pro

    Complete IT Professional

    A great site for IT professionals looking for tips on advancing their careers. Includes articles on why IT is a solid career path.

    Techie TipCareers in the IT Industry

  38. LessThanDot

    Less Than Dot

    Less Than Dot is a forum community where IT professionals share knowledge, experience, and tips. Included in the postings are reference materials, questions and answers, and advice from experts.

    Techie TipA Week of SQL Server

  39. TalkTechToMe

    Talk Tech to Me

    A site that that covers and posts the latest trends and news about the IT business world. Includes research and commentary posts for IT system administrators.

    Techie TipConfessions of the IT Crowd

  40. TechCareers

    Tech Careers com

    A job board for the latest tech and IT positions around the country. Also includes articles pertaining to applying for and getting a job in IT>

    Techie TipReach out the Robots Reading Resumes

  41. Beyond Solutions

    Beyond Solutions

    Daniel Steeves is a long-time business and IT consultant, working in the UK with top businesses to address serious IT issues and create more effective solutions. He has worked with businesses like IBM and the US Postal Service.

    Techie TipSolutions, not Services

  42. Asif’s SharePoint Blog

    Asifs Sharepoint Blog

    Asif Rehmani is a SharePoint trainer and consultant. His years of experience can help bring a valuable technology run smoothly and effectively in any business setting.

    Techie TipEmpowering the SharePoint Champions

  43. Technodrone


    Maish is an author and technology expert, certified in almost a dozen Microsoft and Windows proficiency. His blog focuses on sharing his knowledge and experience from across the tech field.

    Techie TipNew VMware Visio Stencils

  44. SpiceWorks


    SpiceWorks is a social networking site for IT professionals. It allows for IT workers across the globe to share their knowledge and opinion and helps small-to-medium businesses focus on technology.

    Techie TipAbout SpiceWorks

  45. Jason Sparrow

    Jason Sparrow

    Jason Sparrow’s website focuses on how IT can be used to streamline and improve vendor management, business analysis, and project management for retailers, wholesalers, and supply chain workers..

    Techie TipTechnology Daily

  46. Stay Safe Online

    Stay Safe Online

    An organization committed to teaching and providing online safety. For home use or business, Stay Safe Online can partner with you to safeguard your information.

    Techie TipIf They’re Appy and You Know It

  47. SoftLayer


    A cloud computing and storage site that offers multiple layers of service and software to businesses. They are committed to helping businesses perform at their best.

    Techie TipSoftLayer Mobile: Now a Universal iOS Application

  48. Mark P. McDonald

    Mark McDonald

    Gartner is a leading tech research and consulting company, directing clients in their technology-related decisions. Mark McDonald serves as their vice-president and head of research.

    Techie Tip
    Digital Technology and the Board of Directors

  49. UberGeek

    Andi Man Ubergeek

    Andi Mann is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience. His blog contains advice and opinions for others in the IT field, particularly focused on cloud computing and systems management.

    Techie TipPublic Cloud Saves the Day – Not That You’d Know

  50. Dave Olson

    Dave Olsen

    A programmer at West Virginia University, Dave Olsen shares his tips and projects. His specialties include mobile solutions, PHP and Ruby on the Rails..

    Techie TipGoing Old School with Command Line Interfaces for Managing Your Web Apps

  51. MDI Group

    David L Gardner

    MDI group focuses on providing IT professionals with real life business solutions. They are a truly result-oriented organization that doesn’t sacrifice excellent customer and relationship driven service.

    Techie Tip10 Fundamental Business Skills for IT Professionals

  52. Windows IT Pro

    Windows IT Pro

    A subscription based publication that helps all members with any and all Windows software and hardware issues. A detailed and up-to-date base of knowledge for all Microsoft news.

    Techie TipAbout Windows IT Pro

  53. ComputerWorld

    ComputerWorld is a great site for all things IT: social media, programmer news, IT jobs, smartphone technology and more. Their blogs are written by experts in the IT field about any and all subjects in technology.

    Techie TipFacebook Home

  54. #TechinBiz

    Technology in Business

    Dedicated to helping businesses use technology to succeed, they offer a number of services. From classes in branding and marketing to asset management and security, they are helping clients create a better business atmosphere.

    Techie TipAbout Technology In Business

  55. CloudTweaks


    A go-to source for cloud computing enthusiasts or anyone with cloud questions. Cloud vendors, startups, jobs, news, and courses can all be found here.

    Techie TipThe Lighter Side of the Cloud – All Platforms

  56. High Scalability

    High Scalability

    A highly-informative site about building functional, fast, and reliable websites. Useful web architecture information for any web designer.

    Techie TipStart Here

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System Administration

System Administrators, also called sysadmins, are tasked with installing computer systems, constructing networks and maintaining them, monitoring and enforcing computer system security, and other computer related tasks, typically involving a network of personal computers and servers, for businesses and organizations.

  1. AIX for System Administrators

    AIX for system administrators

    AIX for System Administrators helps those who use AIX to find fast and intuitive solutions to problems commonly encountered. The materials are comprised of a number of sources, from empirical data, to forums and internet sources, and IBM Redbooks as well.

    Techie TipBasics – Devices, Routing

  2. The Lone SysAdmin

    The Lone Sysadmin

    The Lone SysAdmin is run by Bob Plankers, an enthusiast of a range of tech subjects like virtualization, blogging, sysadmin, storage issues, and networking. His posts function largely as commentary on the tech community as well.

    Techie TipPreparing Linux Template VMs

  3. Debian System Administrators

    Debian System Administrators

    Debian System Administrators is a small part of Debian, which is a free operating system. The administration team focuses on keeping’s infrastructure in place and functioning and the page provides links to various documents with useful information.

    Techie TipRT Usage


    WiFi Notes was developed for readers to have a go-to source for fixing any wireless network issue concerning WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and more.

    Techie TipComputer Networks

  5. The Nubby Admin

    Nubby Admin

    The Nubby Admin is an IT professional who has been working in the field since 2004. He uses posts on his blog to comment on various news and happenings in the IT industry. He discusses problems and solutions, but with a fresh and friendly tone.

    Techie TipCan I Tail Multiple Logs on a Linux Machine?

  6. Love My Tool

    Love My Tool

    Love My Tool focuses on managing and monitoring networks, but also touches on protocol analysis, data recording, enhancing user experience, and tips on routing and switching.

    Techie Tip10 Wireshark Filters

  7. The Lonely Administrator

    jdhit the lonely administrator

    The Lonely Administrator is run by a certified Windows professional who blogs about different developments in the Windows PowerShell community.

    Techie TipGet Local Admin Group Members in a New Old Way

  8. NetWorker Information Hub

    networker information hub

    NetWorker Information Hub blogs about different developments revolving around network issues. Many posts discuss news, but they also give insight into more effective usage of network tools.

    Techie TipNetWorker Tunnels

  9. Sys::Log

    Sys Log

    Sys::Log is a blog devoted completely to discussing and dissecting issues with Unix and Linux operating systems.

    Techie TipHow to Force GPFS or Other Tools to Connect Via an Alternate SSH Port

  10. Lead Database Administrator

    Lead Database Administrator

    Lead Database Administrator blogs about the standardization of SQL servers, along with the automation and optimization of them.

    Techie TipPASS Summit 2012 – Gone to the mountain and returned wiser

  11. Backblaze

    backblaze blog

    Backblaze is an application that helps backup files, pictures, and documents with no storage limits. The blog is their voice to the public and an informative way to discuss new developments within the company.

    Techie TipThe Real Story Behind Drive Farming

  12. LOPSA


    LOPSA is short for the League of Professional System Administrators and it provides a forum and collective identity to those who work in the field of system administration.

    Techie TipTeaching the Next Generation

  13. SwiftKey


    SwiftKey is a hugely popular Android app that can replace the traditional keyboard that comes standard on Android phones. The predictive text makes users very efficient and SwiftKey engineers continue to make improvements to the software. This is a great tool for sysadmins and other professionals who need compact, fast communication options.

    Techie TipWhat do my SwiftKey Stats Mean?

  14. Toqeer Sys Admin Blog

    toqeer sysadmin blog

    Maintained by a systems administrator, this blog is primarily a source of tips and advice for other system administrators or computer research experts. Most articles are helpful, first person stories about IT shortcuts.

    Techie TipSystem Admin Frequently Used Commands

  15. Planet Sysadmin

    Planet Sysadmin

    A news and tips forum for system administrators. Experts share their opinions, experience, and answer questions, as well as sharing links and upcoming conference information. .

    Techie TipWhat I needed to do with Grub2 to Change my Boot Disk

  16. 4Sysops


    Focused on Windows systems administration, this site focuses on sharing and writing articles about Windows terminology, news, reviews of useful software and tips for the daily work of system administrators.

    Techie TipOffice Support to Powershell

  17. Bluewolf


    Bluewolf does a number of things in the IT field, including consulting, recruiting and training. Their blog is packed with insider tips for IT professionals working in the business world.

    Techie TipCulture Matters, Even in the Cloud

  18. iSystemAdmin


    A great source for free tools for system administrators. Script, plugins, books, and other resources can be downloaded.

    Techie TipFive Best Free Download Manager for Linux

  19. Ramblings of an IT Consultant

    Ramblings of an IT Consultant

    Primarily consulting on Windows Server and network infrastructure, Matthew Huxtable blogs about his findings and projects. His questions, problems, and solutions helpful reading for any server or network professionals

    Techie TipSBS is going! A sign of the future?

  20. GoverLan

    Goverlan Remote IT Admin Blog

    GoverLan is a systems management tool that can support and manage multiple computers remotely. This simple, efficient, and time saving software offers features like file transfer and remote shutdown.

    Techie TipHow To Query the Machines Activated for the GoverLan Product on Your Network

  21. NixCraft


    NixCraft is a community of new and expert Linux and UNIX system administrators. Includes a forum for users to discuss ideas and problems, and members can also receive regular updates with tips and news.

    Techie TipPHP Security Best Practices Tutorial

  22. Standalone Sysadmin

    Standalone Sysadmin

    Long time system administrator Matt Simmons shares his years of experience. He shares links to other system admin blogs, as well as news from his projects and the IT field.

    Techie TipGoogle Reader Going Away

  23. Everything SYSADMIN

    Everything Sysadmin

    A great blog full of resources for system or network administrators. The authors have experience working with major tech companies in the fields of time and project management.

    Techie TipRunning Chrome OS District Wide

  24. Linux Sysadmin Blog

    Linux Sysadmin Blog

    A resource dedicated to people searching for information and help with Linux systems. A group effort and collection of knowledge from a team of expert Linux users and programmers.

    Techie TipAdd Extra Partitions to Guest OS

  25. Server Fault

    Serverfault com

    A question and answer site for professional system and network administrators. All questions, answers, and help is posted by professionals in the system admin field.

    Techie TipAbout Server Fault

  26. A Windows System Admin’s Blog

    A windows sys admins blog

    A site that covers topics under Windows server administration and web developing. Information from personal projects turns into useful help for other IT professionals.

    Techie TipChecking the Performance of Your Windows Server

  27. Mendeley Support


    A great source for students or businesses looking to collaborate on or manage their research. Offers backup, syncing, and networking functions.

    Techie TipMendeley Features

  28. The Daily WTF

    the daily WTF

    A collection of developer and IT horror stories from around the web. Serving as warnings of disaster or as humor for those in the IT field.

    Techie TipComputers Need Weekends Too

  29. Oracle

    Oracle com

    Oracle’s main business is developing hardware and software that work together to simplify IT. Their integrated products help businesses focus more on customers and products instead of complicated technology.

    Techie TipAbout Oracle

  30. Sabio Information Technologies


    Sabio is an IT management and monitoring service. Some of the services they offer clients are backup and recovery, mobile office, spam protection, and desktop and user care.

    Techie TipWouldn’t You Like More Sales

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Database Management

For companies whose operations depend on gathering and interpreting data, database management is key. Data is money in a very real way, and anyone looking for up-to-date info on database management will surely find something great here.

  1. DBMS2


    DBMS2 focuses their content around technologies relevant to database and analytic technologies. The posts are written from a variety of experienced professionals in the industry, so is a valuable source for learning from those currently working in the industry.

    Techie TipNew Era Management

  2. Peter DeBetta’s SQL Programming Blog

    SQLBlog com

    Peter DeBetta’s SQL Programming blog looks at everything concerning SQL programming, along with T-SQL, .NET, CLR, C#, VB, Visual Studio, and other technologies. The commentary and tips highlighted expand the content of the blog.

    Techie TipSQL vs. Oracle Live Debate

  3. Data Makes The World Go “Round

    Fern Halpers Data makes the world go round

    Dr. Fern Halper is an expert on data analytics and deals extensively with Big Data. She’s the co-author of Big Data for Dummies, released in mid-April of 2013. Blog posts typically give advice on good practices in the analytic field, but also touch on cloud computing, data integration, search engine optimization, and visual analytics.

    Techie TipFive Best Practices for Text Analytics

  4. Planet DB2 Blog Aggregator

    Planet DB2

    Planet DB2 compiles blogs that all deal with IBM DB2 Database Servers. The content is updated daily with blogs constantly being added.

    Techie TipJoin Channel DB2

  5. The Database Programmer

    Database Programmer

    The Database Programmer focuses on database applications designed for both desktops and the internet. The author is passionate about software development, but the chief focus of the blog is on databases.

    Techie TipMaintaining One Code Base with Possibly Conflicting Custom Features

  6. The Database Site

    The database site

    The Database Site is a comprehensive tool for information on Database Management Systems and includes updates on events, news, supplementary articles, and other helpful blogs.

    Techie TipEvents

  7. Pythian


    Pythian is a great source for businesses who have questions about Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL server. Their engineers partner with businesses to simplify all IT needs.

    Techie TipHow I Put My Collaborate Agenda Together

  8. DiscoverOrg


    DiscoverOrg is a highly-ranked, sought after source for up-to-date and accurate data. Their research team compiles the best information, allowing for sales and marketing groups to make decisions.

    Techie TipDiscoverOrg Data

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IT News and Reviews

General technology blogs and web news sites often publish articles that are relevant to both consumers and professionals in the information technology field.

  1. TechDirt


    TechDirt is a group blogging effort that discusses and analyzes IT news, particularly how it applies to government policies and legal issues that may affect companies. A go-to source for IT news and innovative conversations..

    Techie TipAwesome Stuff: Lasers, Infrared, and Photons

  2. TechWorld


    Features news and how-tos about every major operating system, tech brand, and service. Also includes a free download page with apps and software.

    Techie TipInternet of Things: Forging a Path to Profitability

  3. Skull Security

    Skull Security org

    A web security consultant, Ron Bowes blogs about current trends in protecting your digital information. His advice covers topics like password protection, hackers, malware, and more.

    Techie TipMostly Good Password Resets

  4. David The Expert

    David the Expert

    David is versed in almost a dozen programming languages, and blogs about the current ways technology is being used in business. His expertise make his writing useful to anyone interested in the IT field.

    Techie TipWhat is a Systems Administrator?

  5. WebPro News

    WebPro News

    Oriented around anything tech, this site delivers news from all over the web. Includes information about gaming, coding, operating systems, social media, software, and web design.

    Techie TipIs This the Future of How We use Facebook?

  6. TechSpot

    Techspot com

    Reviews and analysis for gaming products, social media news, as well as hardware and software. Features a forum for user conversation, plus product guides and a product finder.

    Techie TipMicrosoft Creative Director on Always-on Console

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