Major web companies take great pains to store their data safely, and serve it quickly online, which makes data centers with virtualized servers, colocation services, and near 100% uptime a crucial component of the online business landscape. The processes of constructing data centers, maintaining them, selling data storage and delivery services, and optimizing their performance are all important skills for IT professionals, and a basic understanding of how data centers work is crucial for anyone working online or in an internet dependent industry. These sites aren’t being ranked by the quality of their data or cloud services, but each one is an excellent source of information, blog posts, and technical details on data centers, cloud storage, virtualization, colocation, and other topics that smart IT workers should always be keeping tabs on.

Data Center Blogs & Resources

Many of the best sites and blogs on data centers are maintained by companies that provide a range of data center services, from cloud storage and virtual servers to actual physical data center maintenance and installation.

  1. Data Center Journal


    The Data Center Journal is a magazine that provides resources and information that are incredibly relevant to the data center industry. By showcasing large amounts of data center information, a useful reach in content is created between the journal and readers.

    Read MoreIT

  2. Cisco


    Cisco manages some of the most important data in the country, often leading the way on data center technology and the cloud. Their blog on this particular area focuses on different ways to improve the data center environment as we move into the 21st century.

    Read More5 Areas of ROI on Data Center Security

  3. The Future of The Data Center Blog


    The Future of The Data Center Blog is an awesome page often highlighting upcoming trends concerning data centers and how they will affect operations in the long term.

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  4. Data Center Mapping


    When it comes to identifying what places in the world have the most data centers, getting information on providers, along with different data center services, Data Center Mapping is definitely a source to check out. Their interactive map that showcases all the locations of data centers in the world is hard to beat.

    Read MoreMap View

  5. Datacenter Dynamics


    When looking for the latest and best information pertaining to the data center market, Datacenter Dynamics should be one of the first places to check out. Their diverse topic selections make finding a very refined subject matter very easy.

    Read MoreModular Data Centers

  6. telx


    telx focuses on the interconnectivity of data centers to promote the strongest global network available today. Additionally, they have incredibly data centers around the country and host various events and conferences many times throughout the year.

    Read MoreData Centers

  7. Plus One Data Centers


    Plus One Data Centers emphasizes their place as a 21st century data center service provider, often pursuing avenues less considered or thought of the implement revolutionary new techniques in the industry.

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  8. AFCOM


    Data Center Management Professionals need a reliable place to unite and discuss issues within their community and AFCOM is one of the most recognized associations in this regard. They provide a great outlet for building relationships with other data center management professionals.

    Read MoreAFCOM Symposium

  9. infinity


    Infinity has implemented some of the most critical operations pertaining to data center management for some of the leading companies in the United Kingdom.

    Read MoreEnergy Efficiency

  10. Vertatique


    Increasingly today, it’s very important to not only be more efficient with energy for the sake of reducing costs, but also to become more environmentally sustainable in the long term. Vertatique discusses many different elements to sustainable computing and what we can expect moving forward.

    Read MorePersonal e-Green

  11. Compass Datacenters


    Compass Data Centers builds data centers that stand along and they implement their own patented architecture system for providing the greatest support to their clients in the most innovative manner.

    Read MoreStandalone Data Center

  12. Field View


    Focusing on the best in data monitoring tools for data center managers, FieldView Solutions is well-versed in providing the most impressive services to rapidly evolving data centers. Their blog highlights many different developments in the industry and shouldn’t be missed.

    Read MoreDCIM: It’s All About Infrastructure

  13. Lifeline Data Centers


    Lifeline Data Centers was established in 2001 and works on assisting companies with the facilitation of different responsibilities pertaining to operational aspects of large data centers.

    Read MoreData Center Resources

  14. iTRACS


    iTRACS is an array of software that helps data centers manage their infrastructure and keep in line their assets, change, capacity, energy, and more.

    Read MoreSolutions

  15. Future-tech


    Future-Tech focuses intently on data center design and construction, using a more refined vision to better provide for clients. They help design, build, maintain, and manage data centers, computer rooms, and other technological environments.

    Read MoreData Center Solutions

  16. DataBank


    It’s important in the 21st century business market to ensure capitalization of opportunities to propagate the success of a company and become further established as an organization. Data Bank works to provide the best services for data centers in Dallas and Minneapolis. It’s an incredible way to make sure that your data center has the most reliable in support.

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  17. Data Center Pulse


    Data Center Pulse is a nonprofit rooted in sharing the best practices in the industry of data centers and how to evaluate, recommend, and purchase the products and services for the data center.

    Read MoreThe Chill Off

  18. Data Center Knowledge


    Data Center Knowledge helps those who work in the industry to have access to the information they need to know about as it develops. From legislative aspects, to the latest news, and more.

    Read MoreInfrastructure

  19. BMC Software


    BMC Software supports over 10,000 organizations around the world, mainly from small to mid-market businesses, helping them manage business services, applications, and even cloud computing.

    Read MoreBSM Solutions for the Mid-Market

  20. Green Data Center Conference


    Green Data Center Conference and focuses on providing a diverse range of resources that allow data centers to understand the options available for improving energy standards and becoming more environmentally conscious.

    Read MoreData Centers

  21. CommVault


    Commvault is a software company that understands the place data is going to increasingly have in the 21st century, often highlighting some of the best ways to approach the industry today.

    Read MoreSolutions

  22. GCN


    When it comes to getting information about technology, tools, and tactics for public sector IT, GCN is one of the most formidable news sources and is very useful to those in the business and consumers alike.

    Read MoreData Centers

  23. Schneider Electric Data Center


    Schneider Electric manages many electrical aspects pertaining to data centers and making sure fire hazards are avoided, along with ensuring consistent voltage needs are met from typically demanding power sources such as data centers.

    Read MoreWhat 451 Research Reveals About the Data Center Software Market

  24. Emulex


    Emulex displays an impressive amount of prowess when it comes to different technical solutions and increasing the performance aspects of a data center. The website easily breaks down their solutions, products, and much more.

    Read MoreSolutions



    AXELARIS emphasizes how easy it is to get started with cloud computing and move into the cutting edge of business operations for the 21st century.

    Read MoreAxelaris SMART BUSINESS CLOUD

  26. Search Data Center


    Search Data Center elaborates on every facet of server-related news, along with how to better operate data centers. Their awesome section on data center topics is fantastic as well.

    Read MoreData Center Topics

  27. CommScope


    CommScope specializes in providing the latest on wireless, connectivity, data centers, wire line, and cabling as it pertains to contemporary infrastructure technology.

    Read MoreWhen It’s Time To Share Your Wireless Network

  28. Emerson Network Power


    Emerson Network Power helps companies attain all the latest information on technology, resources, ideas, and opinions on how to save energy on a data center. Since data centers are many times some of the most energy-demanding structures in the country, researching ways to reduce this cost is a very good idea.

    Read MoreNew in Energy Logic 2.0

  29. Data Center Post


    Understanding the latest updates in whatever field you work in is absolutely crucial to stay on top and be the most aware of all sorts of developments. Data Center Post establishes a great bridge for conveying the best content for those in the field.

    Read MoreVideo

  30. Data Center Unclouded


    Data Centers, Unclouded is a to-the-point guide on everything related to data centers with a goal of removing some of the confusing language within these communities.

    Read More5 Site Selection Criteria That Will Earn VIP Status for Your Data Center

  31. EsX Virtualization


    If you’re looking for information on VMware Training, Server Virtualization, along with news, videos, and tutorials, EsX Virtualization should be checked out. Vladan Seget has put together a great site for helping others in the industry find guidance to succeed.

    Read MoreServer Virtualization

  32. Data Center Professionals – Blogroll


    When it comes to finding a source of expertise in the data center industry, it’s definitely recommended to look at Data Center Professionals and their impressive BlogRoll. The posts feature great variety and highlight some of the most important pieces Big Data plays in today’s society.

    Read MoreGetting Started

  33. Cabling


    Cabling Installation and Maintenance focuses a section on Data Centers and the place they place in the rapidly changing landscape of technology. While the site typically focuses on the innovations that fiber optic networks are providing, they also focus on how data centers pertain to this as well.

    Read More1U Fiber-Optic Enclosure

  34. Continuum Data Centers


    Based out of Chicago, IL, Continuum Data Centers provide some of the most cutting edge work when it comes to data center services, increasing network bandwidth, and colocation services.

    Read MoreData Center

  35. Data Center Talk


    Data Center Talk is a meeting place for professionals across the data center community to discuss all sorts of different issues they face on a regular basis. It’s an important way to work out all sorts of issues between other professionals in the community.

    Read MoreData Center Services

  36. qtsdatacenters


    QTS Data Centers focuses on making sure companies are able to attain the growth they need from an infrastructural standpoint. Their site also emphasizes all the different aspects within the modern IT world, such as cloud computing and more.

    Read MoreData Centers

  37. ServerLIFT Blog


    ServerLIFT Blog breaks down all the most integral parts to data centers, the trends associated with them, and upcoming conferences. For those who work in IT, cloud computing, or any related field, it’s a great place to get more information.

    Read More2013 Data Center Trends & Efficiency Survey

  38. Data Foundry


    Data Foundry was one of the first 50 ISPs and they have supports thousands of enterprise companies in every industry imaginable. From their incredible wealth of experience, they have established themselves as one of the most important data centers in the country.

    Read MoreGlobal Colocation & Network Services

  39. Stream Data Centers


    Stream Data Centers understands how important data centers are becoming to some of the world’s leading organizations and they are constantly working to implement the best procedures to ensure data is secure. Their forward-thinking vision has kept them at the forefront of the industry and allows them to provide the best service possible to clients.

    Read MoreData Centers

  40. Evolving Solutions


    Evolving Solutions helps clients to utilize the rapidly developing technologies in a manner that is effective on multiple fronts, ranging from cloud computing to data integrity.

    Read MoreBusiness Benefits of Cloud Computing

  41. RagingWire Data Centers


    RagingWire Data Centers Blog is a great place to get more information about all the happenings in a data center and to understand the unique obstacles they are forced to overcome.

    Read MoreThe Dawning of the Age of the Modern Data Center

  42. Fogo Data Centers


    Fogo Data Centers was recently recognized on the 2013 Data Center 100 List by CRN Magazine, so it’s no surprise that they are regularly identified as one of the leaders when it comes to data center technology. Their site outlines all the best information for understanding what it’s like to manage a data center from an operational standpoint.

    Read MoreCompany

  43. Bear Data Solutions


    Bear Data Solutions runs The Bear Blog, a page that looks at different ways to administer effective data center management. The blog helps to define confusions concepts and work to move companies forward.

    Read MoreCloud Computing

  44. Data Centers Delivered Inc.


    With many companies today pressured with the need to increase their data requirements, Data Centers Delivered has an established history with a number of companies and are incredibly thorough with assisting them.

    Read MoreData Center Design

  45. Raritan


    Raritan helps companies from being at risk through their incredible data center management solutions and a wide array of useful products. Their selection of different categories is great for looking at more information relating to just about anything in the IT field.

    Read MoreSecureLock Keeps Your IT Infrastructure On

  46. Joyent


    Joyent is a colorful, user-intuitive site that highlights how the company implements some of the best cloud infrastructure and information on Big Data.

    Read MoreCrunching The Numbers of Mario Kart 64

  47. TierPoint


    TierPoint recently restructured with a number of other companies to ensure that together they can provide the best when it comes to cloud computing, colocation, managed services, data centers, and more. They largely succeed and it’s this impressive ability to simultaneously excel in so many fields that propels them to the top.

    Read MoreColocation

  48. Cormant-CS


    Cormant-CS helps streamline many cumbersome aspects of IT work by providing some of the best experience when it comes to infrastructure, network paths, and data.

    Read MoreCormant-CS At-A-Glance

  49. Anuta Networks


    Anuta Networks features Software Defined Data Centers and this reduces long hardware deployment cycles, increasing efficiency of data centers today.

    Read MoreNetwork Service Virtualization

  50. Chicago Data Center, Inc.


    Chicago Data Center has over 15 years of experience and emphasizes a specialty on data center operations. They work with Fortune 50 customers in the Chicagoland area and ensure the smoothest operations.

    Read MoreServices

  51. OnRamp Access


    OnRamp Access works to provide the latest in data center services and cloud hosting, along with high density colocation for their clients. Additionally, OnRamp Access is well-equipped to assist with disaster recovery and more.

    Read MoreData Center Connectivity

  52. Data Center Direct


    Data Center Direct is a team of experts who focus on helping others optimize their systems and increase network performance. These combined, in the long term, will actualize more substantive cloud power.

    Read MoreThe Cloud Advantage

  53. Data & Storage Management Report


    Data & Storage Management Report is an essential site for understanding what is going on concerning data, storage, capacity, and big data as relevant to management technology.

    Read MoreFeatures

  54. Rackwise


    Delivering IT infrastructure is not a task that all companies are often up to, but Rackwise proves more than sufficient, also underlining their ability to provide data center analytics and intelligence for tracking and optimizing assist utilization, monitoring power, and adjusting energy as needed.

    Read MoreData Center Essentials

  55. Data Center Systems Inc


    Data Center Systems Inc. helps to provide the best in computer support systems in the industry, focusing heavily on an impressive array of cooling systems, servers, and more.

    Read MoreParts & Service

  56. Data Center Guru Blog


    Data Center Guru Blog is run by a professional in the design and construction industry who focuses his efforts on analyzing, designing, and delivering on mission-critical facilities.

    Read MoreCurrent Projects

  57. Data Center Map


    Data Center Map looks at the latest news as relevant to the data center industry and discusses how a range of events impact the industry at large.

    Read MoreData Centers

  58. It Knowledge Exchange


    IT Knowledge Exchange should be one of the first places one inquires when they have a question about anything pertaining to the world of IT, data centers, and big data. Their bank of questions and answers is over 100,000, so it’s definitely a very respectable source.

    Read MoreIT Answers

  59. Centeros


    Centeros is a data center operating system that allows for the visualization of many different parameters of data center tasks and allows managers to improve performance and better focus on the customers they serve.

    Read MoreWebinar

  60. Celtic DataCenter Services


    Celtic DataCenter Services is an IT Managed Services provider that combines flexibility, location, and facilities all under one company in order to provide the fastest service to their customers.

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    General Networking & IT Info

    Every facet of information technology is somehow touched by data centers. They are the beating heart that keeps the internet alive, and most sites covering the IT industry have robust sections covering data centers.

  62. Computerworld


    Computerworld is one of the most popular sites when it comes to the latest news in the computer community. Their posts highlight an incredible range of computer-related subjects, providing great information on Big Data, Data Centers, Data Architecture and more.

    Read MoreObama and Romney Big Data Experts continue the battle as businesses

  63. ITWorld


    IT World is a great meeting place for different professionals within the IT community to come together, discuss issues, and get great news articles on developments in the field. Aside from all the great news categories, they also have a great “Answers” section to focus on the latest developments.

    Read MoreAnswers

  64. SiteGround


    SiteGround provides great web hosting services that enable large companies to maintain impressive amounts of data. Their colorful layout and unique approach help stand them apart from the competition.

    Read MoreData Centers

  65. Avere Systems


    The recent developments in data center technology have seen unparalleled growth and as a result, different structures are needed. Avere Systems is working vehemently to definite new architecture for data storage on a number of fronts.

    Read MoreData Center

  66. FullcircleInnovation


    FullCircle Innovations works to combine green technologies with companies in the digital world to promote the safest and cleanest advancement.

    Read MoreWhat We Do

  67. Vigilent


    Vigilant leads the industry in intelligent energy management systems for data centers, telcos, and large, commercial buildings. While they’ve only been around since 2004, they have quickly gained a large foothold in the industry and have made an impressive stance for themselves.

    Read MoreData Centers

  68. Perspectives


    Perspectives is written by James Hamilton and the posts express incredible depth, with each posts focusing on a particular area within IT and data center information. It’s a great way to get some personal perspective on different issues.

    Read MoreCumulus Networks: A Sneak Preview of One of My Favorite Startups

  69. InfoWorld


    InfoWorld centers content on data in every aspect and is a great place for those in IT to get insight into a number of different areas, including data centers, big data, different applications, cloud computing, and more.

    Read MoreData Center

  70. Symantec


    Symantec is a leader in software-based solutions, notably with their incredibly well-known product, “Norton Anti-Virus”. Additionally, they are incredibly active on the fronts of cloud computing, virtualization, mobile, and more.

    Read MoreCloud Computing Software

  71. rackspace


    Rackspace helps companies utilize the burgeoning technology known as cloud computing and how to implement it and improve businesses.

    Read MoreDatabase

  72. EMC Corporation


    EMC Corporation is an industry leader in helping support business and service providers with delivering information technology as a service. Many of their methods are innovative and provide a unique approach.

    Read MoreIT Services

  73. Rational Security


    Rational Survivability provides the best in informational survivability, centricity, risk managements, and many other aspects that are absolutely integral to data centers.

    Read MoreIncomplete Thought: The Psychology of Red Teaming Failure – Do Not Pass Go

  74. Level 3


    Beyond Bandwidth is a Level 3 Communications Blog that has content centered around data center networking and the implicit challenges associated with it.

    Read MoreTake Me Out to the Ballgame . . . By Way of Omaha

  75. icrunchdata


    Working in the IT field opens the doors to many different types of jobs, typically all over the country. Icrunchdata allows those in the IT community to find available jobs, apply, and even post a resume online to have prospective employers contact them.

    Read MoreData Center Jobs

  76. Brocade


    Brocade was founded in 1995, largely to acclaim within the world of high-performance network solutions. They’ve spearheaded a number of initiatives that have solidified them as an industry leader on fronts such as network consolidation, convergence, virtualization, and cloud computing.

    Read MoreSolutions & Technology

  77. IT Business Edge


    IT Business Edge is useful for those in the industry to capitalize on the latest developments and ensure that they consistently have a pulse on the latest in data, server architecture, cloud computing, and anything else related to information technology.

    Read MoreInfrastructure

  78. EMA Research


    EMA Research serves the industry through IT & Data Management Research, as well as analysis and consulting. The site is great because of its impressive display of resources, including live webinars and featured papers.

    Read MoreFeatured Papers

  79. Gogrid


    Gogrid is a great way to increase the infrastructure of a data center with ease. They work to help not only with cloud hosting, but also dedicated hosting, and private cloud.

    Read MoreBig Data

  80. Interop


    It’s important to make sure IT professionals stay at the top of the industry by keeping up on the latest in terms of education and more. Interop works to provide education and networking for IT professionals across the world.

    Read MoreInterop Event Archives

  81. Cloud Blogs


    Cloud Blogs is a great list of cloud computing blogs and it should be an integral part of any data center manager’s resources for staying up to date in the industry and also understanding what developments can be expected in the coming years.

    Read Moreno site

  82. NEC


    NECT Today breaks down some of the most useful information in cloud computing, data storage, and other important aspects to the modern IT landscape. Their “Straight Talk Blog” gets right to the point of some of the most engaging issues in the field.

    Read MoreStraight Talk Blog

  83. Prolexic


    Prolexic is an integral part of any network due to their incredible protection against a distributed denial of service, which is an incredibly popular way for hackers to bring down websites and networks.

    Read MoreDDoS Services

  84. iland Cloud


    iland Internet Solutions was voted VMware’s Service Provider Partner of the Year Global 2012, among other accolades they’ve won, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve made the list. Their expertise comes in the vast data centers they have set up across America and in the United Kingdom.

    Read MoreEnterprise Cloud

  85. Internap


    Internap supports some of the most important companies in the world, including yousendit, and their site is loaded with great information on the cloud, colocation, hosting, hybrid, and more.

    Read MoreDedicated Hosting

  86. lightower


    Lightower understands that in order for Data Centers and Cloud Computing to work effectively, a network must be in place to efficiently support all of these emerging technologies. Their unparalleled work on networks helps support other industries.

    Read MoreNetwork Map

  87. Data Center Overlords


    The Data Center Overlords is a fun take on aspects of running a data center and the unique challenges associated with handling Big Data. As we move further into the 21st century, the importance of data centers will only increase.

    Read MoreData Center

  88. DataSpan


    DataSpan implements some of the best data storage solutions and services in the country, so it’s no wonder that some of the most prominent companies of today turn to them for their data support needs.

    Read MoreData Center Infrastructure Services

  89. Etherealmind


    Ethereal Mind emphasizes wide-ranging content that often takes an interesting perspective on data networking and the best techniques for understanding and implementing them.

    Read MoreFeatured

  90. Data Center Design


    Data Center Design devotes their efforts to propagating ideas that relate to planning, designing, engineering, and constructing data centers and computer rooms. For data center engineers, it’s an important place to get ideas out.

    Read MoreApplication of Nanotechnology to Cool a Data Center

  91. Data Center Dialog


    Data Center Dialog promotes an incredibly engaging forum for discussing issues in big data, along with cloud computing, automation, IT issues, and more.

    Read MoreWant to avoid data leakage from mobile enterprise apps? Use the cloud

  92. Modius


    Modius focuses on operational intelligence as it pertains to data centers across the country. The posts on the blog break down individual problems in the field and looks at each in-depth.

    Read MoreModius Customer Featured Panelist at SLVG Data Center Efficiency Summit

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    Related Topics

    Data security and “survivability,” encryption methods, and the new generations of microchips that are regularly released by mega companies like Intel are all part of the data center ecosystem, and understanding the component parts that make data centers tick is important for aspiring IT professionals.

  94. Alcatel-Lucent Cloud


    Cloud-based technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in just about every industry and Alcatel-Lucent’s section on the cloud provides a great place to learn more about the emerging technology, as well as how to generate revenue, build contemporary infrastructures, and more.

    Read MoreBuild a Better Cloud

  95. Pingdom


    Pingdom allows businesses to engage in website monitoring and, in real time, view its performance. It’s great for keeping an eye on different servers as well.

    Read MoreFeatures

  96. ABB North America


    When it comes to having a vast network reach globally, ABB North America is a very notable company that comes to mind. Their impressive data centers and information processing services make them one of the best information sources today.

    Read MoreData Centers


  98. ISG Technology, LLC


    ISG Technology is an IT solutions provider that helps to increase business value and promote higher productivity and efficiency through advanced technology. The site is great because of their very thorough data center solutions.

    Read MoreData Center Solutions


  100. Tripp Lite


    Tripp Lite helps power all sorts of data technology and ensures that all the resources are in place to effectively support the infrastructure needed to succeed.

    Read MoreRacks and Cooling



    OVHcom provides hosted servers through hardware solutions and cloud-based solutions as well. They have ample information on memory and processing as well.

    Read MoreDedicated Cloud

  103. CA Technologies


    CA Technologies helps drastically reduce the time it takes to reform infrastructure through their innovative methods and commitment to app development.

    Read MoreCustomer Success and Communities

  104. Sub Zero by Acronis


    Sub Zero by Acronis works to allow companies to have servers that never fail and a network in place to manage data availability, cloud computing, virtualization, and the latest in IT trends.

    Read MoreWhen Managing BYOD, Companies Shouldn’t Forget About BYOC

  105. Light Reading


    Light Reading is a site dense with articles, analysis, and research relevant to the telecom community. Their constant stream of latest news makes it a source not to miss.

    Read MoreNews and Views

  106. Up Time Institute


    The Uptime Institute provides education, publications, consulting and more for those involved in the data center industry. They’ve helped administer continuous availability of resources to data center facilities to ensure smoother data flow and improve reliability.

    Read MoreIntroducing the Uptime Institute Content Team

  107. HGST


    HGST from Western Digital focuses on providing the latest in storage capabilities, which enables data centers to focus less on the strains of capacity and more on providing their clients the services needed.

    Read MoreScience of Storage

  108. DataVox


    The very distinguished DataVox works with companies to implement the latest technologies and design solutions for promoting the best support for data centers. Companies such as Continental Airlines, Sysco Foods, and U.S. Oncology depend on them.

    Read MoreData Centers

  109. Processor


    Processor is a great site for locating specific parts for data centers, along with in-depth pieces on products, news, and information. The added benefit of a free subscription is another great point to the site, making it even easier to stay up-to-date.

    Read MoreCabling

  110. Network Computing


    Network Computing’s section on Data Center displays an impressive amount of tools useful for anyone who works in IT or for data centers around the world.

    Read MoreData Center Efficiency Plateaus

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